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  • The Success Equation

    Despite huge advances in the field, computer technology in music is no match for human skill. But with new instrument libraries and the memory and storage capacity of the latest generation machines, computers are becoming reliable partners and creating new possibilities for musicians.
  • A London heavyweight...

    Philippe Renan could have entrusted the mastering of his album to Paulo Germano, who is more than competent in the field. But all professionals agree that it is better to have these two essential stages of production carried out by two different sound engineers.
  • An inspiring take on Life

    The New Thought Movement’s Law of Attraction is woven into every title on the album. Based on positive thinking, this notion changed Philippe Renan’s life in 2017. As the tracks progress from ‘Move On‘ to ‘My World‘, they lay the groundwork for his new aspirations. Music is a language, a voice, punctuation.

Philippe's Life & Experiences

  • Business biography

    Philippe Renan, entrepreneur After having his fingers burnt at the age of 17 by an unsettling foray into the music business, Philippe Renan decided to study business and marketing and take his career in another direction. As an audio and...

  • Music Biography

    Born in 1972, Philipe Renan became enchanted by the magic of keyboards at the age of 6. At 13, he began composing and recomposing and has never wanted to stop.
  • Life Story

    Living to the beat of his own music, Philippe Renan has always been fascinated by technology, audio, sales, marketing and personal development. Orchestrating his life to integrate all these fields and forging his own atypical path, he has finally found harmony.

Possible-Music Introduction

  • Hybrid start up

    Possible-Music is a young and innovative company with a brand new twin concept...
  • Music Publishing

    Philippe Renan muses on the twin benefits of his hybrid business, Possible-Music: “I thought long and hard before deciding to combine my international consulting business with the art of music production … yet I soon realized that it was the right decision.” There are indeed two sides to Possible-Music.
  • Digital Marketing

    Philippe Renan has fond memories of the time he began composing. “When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming the new Vladimir Cosma, or even the new Eric Serra...

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Possible Blog

  • Philosophy & Spirituality

    In terms of personal development, Philippe Renan has always seen the positive influence of his relationship with music, both in his work and in his personal life. Concerned by the future of the young generations, and as the father of two daughters, he is keen to create belief in the future and make life philosophy resonate through his texts and his musical creations.
  • Two worlds, a single creativity

    Based in the Paris area, Philippe Renan is the founder of the European subsidiary of Victrola (leader in vinyl turntables in the United States). He enjoys having a double career which fully exploits his creativity in the fields of music...

  • Sharing around the World

    The past few years have witnessed the advent of self-produced artists. By choice or necessity, being your own producer is the lot of many artists in the music industry.