Digital Marketing

Philippe Renan has fond memories of the time he began composing. “When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming the new Vladimir Cosma, or even the new Eric Serra. Like many others, I was inspired by the music from movies that I’ve seen over and over such as The Dark KnightPirates of the Caribbean, works by Kyle Eastwood – Gran Torino in particular – and John Williams, as well as countless others. The scenes in all these films are enhanced with music to incredible effect. I lost myself in them. I have come to be fascinated by the search for a magical bond between image and sound. I believe that music brings an inimitable power to any message you wish to convey.”

And that is precisely how he designed the video campaign to launch the Victrola brand. “The aim is for my clients to find the perfect music for their purpose. So if I don’t already have it in my catalog I work with them to find exactly what they need. Even though I could not combine my own music with the Victrola campaign at that time, I am very proud of what we achieved. The campaign drove the brand’s launch in Europe.” Ten videos were produced alongside a team of young talents working in video advertising, and the alchemy between the music and the images touched supermarket buyers and consumers alike. With the growth of YouTube and other video streaming platforms, there is now a pressing need for sound content that fits with specific images. 

“With Possible-Music Publishing, I have the freedom to manage how my works are used in films or videos without having to go through a publishing house which doesn’t have the time to develop my catalog. I can also work with labels to negotiate an operating license if one of my clients asks me for a specific title by another artist.” It was an incredible opportunity for the creative entrepreneur, who enjoys huge flexibility when negotiating license contracts.