Philippe's Life & Experiences

  • Business biography

    Philippe Renan, entrepreneur After having his fingers burnt at the age of 17 by an unsettling foray into the music business, Philippe Renan decided to study business and marketing and take his career in another direction. As an audio and hi-tech enthusiast, he perfected his expertise with leading brands in the sound and consumer electronics industry (Creative Labs, Thomson, Electrolux and Panasonic). In 2012, he became a director for the first time at Audio-Technica, building a team of eight across Europe. Within five years, he had brought the brand to the number-one position in turntable sales in France (and to...

  • Music Biography

    Born in 1972, Philipe Renan became enchanted by the magic of keyboards at the age of 6. At 13, he began composing and recomposing and has never wanted to stop.
  • Life Story

    Living to the beat of his own music, Philippe Renan has always been fascinated by technology, audio, sales, marketing and personal development. Orchestrating his life to integrate all these fields and forging his own atypical path, he has finally found harmony.