Life Story

Living to the beat of his own music, Philippe Renan has always been fascinated by technology, audio, sales, marketing and personal development. Orchestrating his life to integrate all these fields and forging his own atypical path, he has finally found harmony.

First and foremost, he is an accomplished pianist and composer who established a path to jazz through his Afro-Cuban roots, as evidenced in his latest album, All Right. This accomplishment enabled him to fine-tune his career and set the tone for his business based on his high standards, skills, sensitivity, grit, and two-pronged approach. Combining his fascination with music and his professional experience means he can be more and more proactive in these two fields, which are now inseparable and complementary.

“Combining international business with music triggers an endless creative process that spurs on the brands I develop and the music I compose.”

And Victrola is the first to benefit. Since 2017, Philippe has been developing sales in Europe for the market leader in record players from the United States. Philippe has been composing and developing brands in the sound industry for over 20 years, but his partnership with Victrola inspired him to create Possible-Music in 2021. His start-up now gives him the opportunity to pursue a twin career as both a businessman and an artist.

But combining music and business wasn’t easy at first. He gradually expanded his leitmotiv, playing to the beat of his own… piano. When he encountered dissonance it made him stronger, and he strove to strike a better chord the next time. Possible-Music is like a hybrid hub, developing its international consulting business alongside publishing and music production. And together, they bring myriad opportunities.