All Right Press Kit

  • The Success Equation

    Despite huge advances in the field, computer technology in music is no match for human skill. But with new instrument libraries and the memory and storage capacity of the latest generation machines, computers are becoming reliable partners and creating new possibilities for musicians.
  • A London heavyweight...

    Philippe Renan could have entrusted the mastering of his album to Paulo Germano, who is more than competent in the field. But all professionals agree that it is better to have these two essential stages of production carried out by two different sound engineers.
  • An inspiring take on Life

    The New Thought Movement’s Law of Attraction is woven into every title on the album. Based on positive thinking, this notion changed Philippe Renan’s life in 2017. As the tracks progress from ‘Move On‘ to ‘My World‘, they lay the groundwork for his new aspirations. Music is a language, a voice, punctuation.
  • About the Album

    Smooth Jazz is not yet a recognized genre in France, but the French pianist and composer Philippe Renan has made it his personal business to change that!
  • Discography

    Discography from 1998 to 2022
  • A Brazilian Mix

    A better world. One that takes its sources and resources from the four corners of the planet! Récife, in the state of Pernambouc, lies more than 7,000 km from Paris.