Business biography

Philippe Renan, entrepreneur

After having his fingers burnt at the age of 17 by an unsettling foray into the music business, Philippe Renan decided to study business and marketing and take his career in another direction. As an audio and hi-tech enthusiast, he perfected his expertise with leading brands in the sound and consumer electronics industry (Creative Labs, Thomson, Electrolux and Panasonic).

In 2012, he became a director for the first time at Audio-Technica, building a team of eight across Europe. Within five years, he had brought the brand to the number-one position in turntable sales in France (and to the top three in the United Kingdom and Germany). Following these excellent results, Victrola offered him the opportunity to create the European division of the brand in 2017.

It was a chance for him to build a complete business model from scratch, with no legal structure, drawing on his experience in sales, marketing, finance, logistics and management. It marked a major turning point in Philippe’s career and led to the creation of Possible-Music in 2021.

Possible-Music was designed to:

  • provide support for businesses as they develop sales (offering the US-based Victrola brand exclusive sales and premium marketing services in Europe), and
  • promote his compositions internationally through production and music publishing.

The pianist and composer in Philippe Renan, working diligently behind the scenes for more than 40 years, has now stepped into the limelight and is instrumental in commercial enterprises. He uses his sales expertise to combine his consulting business with the art of music production. His approach is both rational and passionate; he is a creative spirit yet his feet are firmly on the ground. Art and business work together, in a duet that reflects the entrepreneur’s own identity. As a musician, he draws on his experience in business to promote his art. As a sales expert, he consolidates the growth of his business like a conductor leading an orchestra.

“My music feeds my instinct for complex negotiations, just as business challenges generate new ideas for compositions.”

The key to success: a well-orchestrated score

When optimising brand development, Philippe Renan picks up his conductor’s baton and finds ways to bring sales, marketing, finance and logistics together in harmony: he manages his projects to create exponential sales. To promote his musical compositions, he draws on his marketing and business experience. He’s a natural and innovative artist entrepreneur. This ‘orchestral management’ style blurs the boundaries between business acumen and emotion. It combines musical creativity with unique commercial know-how. It offers companies unique, daring and inspiring ways to breathe new life into their sales techniques.