Hybrid start up

Possible-Music is a young and innovative company with a brand new twin concept:
  • Possible-Music Consulting provides business sales consulting services
  • Possible-Music Publishing focuses on music production/publishing 

Founded by Philippe Renan, a composer and developer of sound industry brands for more than 20 years, this French startup has developed a technique known as Orchestral Management. Orchestral Management combines two techniques: project management to create exponential sales, and musical on-demand composition. It erases the lines between reason and emotion. It blends musical creativity with unique sales know-how.Possible-Music brings companies new and inspiring ways to bring a breath of fresh air into their sales techniques.

Musically speaking, Possible-Music a Music Publishing company being also a recording and production studio. This part of the business is mainly aimed at short or feature-length film production houses, music labels and artists looking for on-demand composition; jazz compositions, French variety melodies, jingles and image music are just some of the possibilities. Possible-Music can also support artists looking for an occasional boost on their new releases.  

“Companies reap the benefits of sales techniques that I have developed over the course of my career. When conventional management methods stop working, creativity brings unexpected opportunities for growth. When music catalogs all look alike, you can stand out from the crowd with custom composition. With Possible-Music, businesses can unleash their Sales while Music Labels can unveil their Sound.” Philippe Renan, founder of Possible-Music