An inspiring take on Life

The New Thought Movement’s Law of Attraction is woven into every title on the album. Based on positive thinking, this notion changed Philippe Renan’s life in 2017. As the tracks progress from ‘Move On‘ to ‘My World‘, they lay the groundwork for his new aspirations. Music is a language, a voice, punctuation. 

The most difficult thing about switching from inertia to movement is taking the first step. But don’t dismay! Your talents are enough. We, and we alone, can decide to move forward. The first step is the most important, but sometimes it’s also the most difficult. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t come easy. What matters is that you stand up and take it. Move On and everything will be fine! This first track is loaded with urban jazz style, as a tribute to Miles Davis. It encourages travel and discovery. 

Then Good Day is not far behind. You are the master of your day. We shape each day of our lives in our own way. It is our choice to wake up every single day in the hope that the hours ahead will be wonderful. Or failing that, we can at least hope we won’t go to bed before achieving three of our goals. With a composition based on a classic Jazz chords suite, this second track is an encouragement to live each day in the hope that it will be beautiful 

Never give up! Try Again and your time will come. Never stop trying. Always move forward. Before the hands of time have come to a stop and it’s too late. We try again and again until we succeed. There is no shame in failure. It is just the first step on the road to success. This title certainly lives up to its name. It was mixed 27 times before the right balance and version could be found! 

Silver, like the Silverstone racetrack which inspired him, is a reminder that time is fleeting. The brass and guitars in this track create a feeling of speed and frenzy. Time is indeed running out. But if you can make your positive light shine, the power of that light will illuminate your life. And everything will be. Money (silver color) makes the world go around, but it also spins heads and creates a frenetic race against time. Money cannot buy happiness. It is a way of obtaining many things. But it is NEVER an end in itself. 

All Right, the album’s flagship track. Life is beautiful. Positivity can be powerful, if you can make it happen. And if you can radiate that optimism as you live your life. The exponential power of that radiance will light up your life, no matter how doubtful you may be. 

It’s Beautiful. As beautiful as water and sunshine, which leads to the essence of life.  The beauty of life’s treasures is hidden in every moment. The beauty of a flower, the beauty of a woman or a man. The beauty of attraction. The beauty of falling in love, of being loved. The beauty of nature. The beauty of the sun. Beauty is a vast and endless space. If you know how to discover and savor it.

The sun and water are natural elements that nourish life on earth, they are our sources of energy. Nature provides our balance, it brings us back to the essence of life. We are at one with nature and it benefits us in turn when we give it the time it deserves. The sun and water also represent the island of Philippe Renan, Martinique. It’s the cradle of his being and of his human and musical sensitivity. With Light & Sea and its classical jazz influences, it’s time to go back to basics.Philippe Renan evokes land and sea as he looks back to his roots and draws inspiration.

Now is the time for relaxation, an opportunity to recharge and perform better Relax, no stress. It’s important to take a step back whenever we feel stressed. Catch our breath and refocus on our goals. When a person is relaxed they are 10 times more efficient than when they are under stress.

Take a soothing breath Deep Inside, acknowledge your weaknesses… and accept them. They can be your greatest strength. We all have a secret hidden deep inside our hearts. If we are to succeed in life we need to start by taming that secret, or we will never be able to make our dreams come true. However long it may take. The most important thing is accepting weakness, because it can become a strength when we stop fighting it.

Next, sensuality comes to the fore, sensory expression, it’s to time play at seduction. Hot Game leads towards a jazz/lounge/electro mode, creating the purest expression of desire and love. The game of seduction, love in the broadest sense, is the essence of life. Without love, nothing is created, nothing is made. Sensuality is the expression of the desire that lies deep within us, which drives us to make our desire into reality. 

Each person is free to define their own world and their own dreams, and give themselves the means to achieve them. We must start by learning to define who we are, what we love, what our world really is. Then we can build the essential element for our survival: self-esteem. That is the essence of success. Finally, My World completes the selection. And then why not start all over again? The last track on the album is an invitation to shape your own dreams. Find out who you are and what you love, then build up the skill you need to survive: self-esteem. Your world belongs to you, and it’s the essence of your success. Everything will be All Right. 

All Right is a tribute to Philippe Renan’s favourite composers: Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Peter White, Melody Gardot, Diana Krall, Eliane Elias, Toto, Fourplay, George Benson, Michel Petrucciani, George Michael, Chris Camozzi, Ronny Jordan, Saint-Germain.