Sharing around the World

The past few years have witnessed the advent of self-produced artists. By choice or necessity, being your own producer is the lot of many artists in the music industry. An opportunity for Philippe Renan, who recognizes the challenge of working with record companies to make yourself known : “You have to stand out, not necessarily for who you are, and sometimes by doing things that aren’t like you,” he says. At a time when social networks, community platforms and crowdfunding are on the rise, it’s about betting on dematerialization and a direct relationship with the public to build success and develop more credibility as an artist.

“You no longer need to be with a record company to start out. The music market is a demanding environment; If a label doesn’t want you when you’re starting out, it’s not necessarily because you have no talent! You do have some, but maybe it’s just outside of the norm right now. Fortunately, independent artists who want to take charge of their project from A to Z, today have many strings to their bow to achieve it and convince the music industry over time. The digital environment is an incredible asset to build a community around their work and their passion, without codes and without constraints. »

Digital production tools and mobile virtual instruments offer a level of production quality formerly reserved for the studios of major labels. Philippe Renan particularly enjoys getting the best of the high- end Mac Book Pro. “It is an incredible tool for composing, anytime and anywhere, even on an airplane for the CES show in Las Vegas!”, he adds.