Philosophy & Spirituality

In terms of personal development, Philippe Renan has always seen the positive influence of his relationship with music, both in his work and in his personal life. Concerned by the future of the young generations, and as the father of two daughters, he is keen to create belief in the future and make life philosophy resonate through his texts and his musical creations.

Wars, environmental questions, alienation from technology, life choices … The song “Breath of life” has been originally created in 1991 when Philippe was 19 years old. This title is dedicated to the younger generations who are thinking to their future and anyone who has doubts about their life choices. “I have been very moved to see how many younger and less young people enjoy this song after my Instagram and Facebook marketing test campaign. It must be because it finds an echo in the state of mind of young people, or parents like me.”

Spiritual questions are part of his reflections on life: “Zen, the law of attraction, mindfulness meditation, just like my passion for music and the dynamics of a job that I love, are all drivers for me. “Creative resilience is a precious safeguard: it opens a path to experience the modern world in a positive, optimistic way, despite all our challenges. It’s about a creative and spiritual resilience which is vital to live through our times, be fulfilled at work, lead our family lives and mindfully embrace the dualities of our lives. So yes, more than ever, I am embracing my creativity in music and in business, and I want to share that with anyone who is seeking a shaft of light in their life, or some kind of ethical way of creating value in business. If my experience and what I’m creating is inspiring, if I can create a community around my Music, it will have been the greatest success for me…”