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  • Philosophy & Spirituality

    In terms of personal development, Philippe Renan has always seen the positive influence of his relationship with music, both in his work and in his personal life. Concerned by the future of the young generations, and as the father of two daughters, he is keen to create belief in the future and make life philosophy resonate through his texts and his musical creations.
  • Two worlds, a single creativity

    Based in the Paris area, Philippe Renan is the founder of the European subsidiary of Victrola (leader in vinyl turntables in the United States). He enjoys having a double career which fully exploits his creativity in the fields of music and audio brands. This dual career brings him an essential balance, the secret of his enthusiasm and his resilient optimism. “My natural creativity quickly marked me out in business world and gave me the opportunity to throw myself 200% into developing incredible brands. I was Product Manager at Creative Labs with Sound Blaster card and MP3 products, then Sales Director...

  • Sharing around the World

    The past few years have witnessed the advent of self-produced artists. By choice or necessity, being your own producer is the lot of many artists in the music industry.