Music Publishing

Philippe Renan muses on the twin benefits of his hybrid business, Possible-Music: “I thought long and hard before deciding to combine my international consulting business with the art of music production … yet I soon realized that it was the right decision.” There are indeed two sides to Possible-Music.

On one side, a consulting business aimed at international us-based companies. On the other, a publishing and music production business for on-demand composing. “I finally decided that I would become an entrepreneur to sell my own compositions, as well as to manage the rights to my creations. My instrumental compositions, my songs in French or English and my artistic vision make up a body of work that I want to share and pass on to others.”

The role of Possible-Music Publishing is therefore mainly to produce and manage the intellectual property rights resulting from the business of Possible-Music and the creations of its founder. It’s an ideal way to provide a management service that is in perfect harmony with artists who can collaborate on the development of content produced by Possible-Music, as well as for its customers. 

Finally, Possible-Music Publishing provides ad hoc support for artists who need a helping hand managing their copyright. “It’s an important way of growing my business and developing my art, but above all of sharing it with other artists,” adds the creative businessman. “It is also a way of sharing my thoughts on music, business and philosophy by publishing books and e-books that are available in all countries.”