About Possible-Music

  • Hybrid start up

    Possible-Music is a young and innovative company with a brand new twin concept...
  • Music Publishing

    Philippe Renan muses on the twin benefits of his hybrid business, Possible-Music: “I thought long and hard before deciding to combine my international consulting business with the art of music production … yet I soon realized that it was the right decision.” There are indeed two sides to Possible-Music.
  • Digital Marketing

    Philippe Renan has fond memories of the time he began composing. “When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming the new Vladimir Cosma, or even the new Eric Serra...

  • Music Production Studio

    Philippe Renan has been nurturing his fascination with music in private for many years. He composes and self-produces his works in his 100% digital studio. From the sound of the instruments to the designs for his album covers, everything is created at Possible-Music.
  • Copyright Management

    It is impossible to develop a catalog of musical works without the help of copyright experts who work with record companies and labels.
  • Orchestral Management

    Philippe Renan – the founder of Possible-Music – fused music art and business to write the sales story of a lifetime. “It started the day a rogue music publisher stole all my savings,” says Philippe Renan.