A Brazilian Mix

A better world. One that takes its sources and resources from the four corners of the planet! Récife, in the state of Pernambouc, lies more than 7,000 km from Paris. The oldest capital city in Brazil, it is where experienced sound engineer Paulo Germano brought a new dynamic to this extraordinary album. 

Even though Philippe Renan had planned to mix his album alone, as usual, his decision to delegate the task this time was undoubtedly the right one. It was difficult to find the perfect person who had the right expert knowledge of the utterly American sound, versatile musical registers… and an ear for originality. Because mixing a jazz album composed by one man is a rare experience. The composer searched far and wide for the right person, and his efforts were rewarded. A musical relationship was forged. Like a major chord that brings a new flavour to a composition, harmony came easy with Paulo. His humility, kindness, professionalism, track record and admiration earnt online meant that Philippe Renan entrusted him with the mixing of All Right

Known for the outstanding quality of his percussive sounds, Paulo Germano has a talent for bringing eclectic genres together. From jazz to country, through rock, Brazilian music or pop, he has been mixing for international artists for more than 20 years. He works live or online, in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. He uses Pro Tools, Cubase, and many other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). He listens carefully to his clients as they share their expectations. He aligns his work with their ambitions and refines each detail scrupulously. He adds his own perception and brings a new dimension to each composition. 

Paulo Germano has also won a string of awards for the high quality of his work. Among them, the special prize for the best creative effects mix in 2018, which was awarded by the plugin developer HOFA (700 participants). His aim is always to make his customers happy. There is no doubt about that here. Philippe is delighted with his work. The All Right album takes on its full meaning. After mixing, it was time for mastering.