1998 – ‘Des notes à l’image‘. Soundtracks for films. Influence of the 80s/90s, especially Eric Serra, famous film soundtrack French composer.

1998 – ‘L’Essentiel‘. Tribute to the French Pop Music of the 80s/90s (Michel Jonaz, Michel Berger, Laurent Voulzy, Jean-Jacques Goldman).

2002 – ‘Toasts‘. Songs composed and produced in 24h, with mainly Electro Pop influence pieces.

2006 – ‘Ballades Intimes‘. Intimate songs with a minimalist style in terms of arrangement. Trend towards Philippe’s own composing style. 

2013 – ‘Mathys Experience‘. Best off from the last four albums celebrating the first anniversary of the internet website created in 2012. At this time, Philippe decided to choose “Mathys” as his public artist name. He will move to Philippe Renan from 2017. 

2014 – ‘Indissociables‘. New edition of a song composed in 1988 for the women Philippe met when he was a teenager and found again 26 years later.

2017 – ‘Mon Père‘. Song about Parents Mourning. written and composed between 2014 and 2016. Release of the Youtube clip in August 2017.

2018 – ‘Manquer‘. Song written for all children and parents affected by the challenge of divorcing.

2019 – ‘Move on‘ (April). First extract from the “All Right” album. Urban Jazz style with tribute to Miles Davis. New production with Philippe’s new studio.

2019 – ‘Silver‘ (May). Second extract from the “All Right” album with Jazz Fusion influences. Tribute to Toto.

2019 – ‘Light and Sea‘ (July). Third extract from “All Right” album, with classical jazz influences. Tribute to Michel Petrucianni, with trio mode Piano, Double bass and Muted trumpet.

2019 – ‘Souffle de Vie‘ (October). First extract from the “Heritage” pop album coming in 2023. New version of a title composed and written in 1991, tribute to Michel Berger and echoing the Greta Thunberg phenomena.

2020 – ‘Confinés‘ (April) Single produced during first lock down in France. A way of forgetting the dramatic aspect of the situation to help people for resilience at that time.  This title has been generating the highest number of streams for the artist, in the France country.
2020 – ‘Beautiful‘ (May). New extract of the Album « ALL RIGHT ». Influence from Kyle Eastwood, Clint Eastwood son.  Tribute to the universal concept of Beauty, and specially Women beauty.
2020 – ‘C’est pas très Corona‘ (October). Second single produced during  2020 lock down in France. Again, some lyrics trying to fight against the challenge of stopping natural human behavior with friends, family and people in the day-to-day life.  A more R’N’B sound approach on this title.