Music Production Studio

Philippe Renan has been nurturing his fascination with music in private for many years. He composes and self-produces his works in his 100% digital studio. From the sound of the instruments to the designs for his album covers, everything is created at Possible-Music.

The flexibility that comes with self-production is now within reach for artists and labels who decide to collaborate with Possible-Music. The director of Possible-Music explains: “It isn’t a full-fledged production business, but rather an opportunity to exchange good practices.” Collaborating on an artistic project with Philippe Renan, or even using a title from the Possible-Music catalog, brings plenty of opportunities for artists or labels to seek occasional production support.“Especially because some artists or labels may sometimes be looking for ultra-competitive production costs,” adds the composer-entrepreneur.

Whether you’re working on pre- or post-production, whether your focus is a track or a full composition, Possible-Music uses techniques that will enable you to produce what you need in a short time, at a competitive price with the utmost respect for the industry’s high quality standards.  Audio editing for post-production on video streaming content, upstream work for pre-production on albums or singles, tailor-made composition, selection from a vast catalog of melodies and texts for artists or French variety labels, arrangements or compositions for contemporary jazz groups: Philippe Renan’s startup offers an enormous range of personalized services.