Music Biography

Philippe Renan was born on September 17th, 1972. He is a French Pop/Jazz Music Composer. He took up the piano at the age of six, switching to electronic keyboards when he was twelve. Philippe spent his early eighteen years in Epinay-Sur-Seine(north of Paris), where he learn keyboard, transverse flute and music theory. He was introduced to music by his family : French Pop from the seventies and Classic with his father(pianist and playing organ at Church) , Jazz and Afro Cuban music with his four mother’s sisters (Caribbean origin). He became musically influenced then with tree very different styles ; Jazz (Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, Michel Petrucciani, Chick Corea..)., Classic (Mozart, Chopin) and Pop (Michel Berger, Laurent Voulzy, Georges Michael, Michael Jackson). Philippe learn classic music theory since he was seven years old and transverse flute when he was eleventh. He kept at the same time a magnetic attraction for piano and asked his first electronics keyboard for his twelve birthday.

Pop music strongly inspired Philippe from 1985 to 2014. He developed his first chords and write his first songs, mainly influenced by Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michel Berger, Laurent Voulzy and later by Michael Jackson and Georges Michael. He also regularly created instrumental soundtracks influenced by Film composers Vladimir Cosma, Michel Legrand and Eric Serra. Philippe plays or sings at the concerts organized by his college, during summer camps and in his music school orchestra. When he was seventeenth, he left University after few months, convinced he can be produced by a label recruiting in a magazine. He will finally lose all his bank saving in a fake project. This turns the experience into a defining event of his attitude with Music Show business. Philippe decided to find a sales job and keep music as a passion. 

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