Sales Consulting

Possible-Music guides Consumer and Pro audio companies that want to achieve an ambitious objective in a limited time with scarce resources. An objective for which conventional methods have not been sufficient.

“The core business of Possible-Music is to provide support for Consumer and pro audio electronics companies as they develop in Europe,” explains Philippe Renan. “Audio companies does business differently and its customs and business practices in European market can be hard to understand. My recent experience with Victrola gave me a chance to guide an extraordinary team on an incredible adventure. We launched an audio brand from scratch, with no legal structure in Europe. That wonderful experience was the trigger I needed to found Possible-Music three years later. I could then provide even more tailored support and lend my expertise to other audio companies facing similar problems.”

More generally, the exclusive 'Orchestral Management' from Possible-Music can help any audio company facing a challenge where conventional sales processes haven’t worked, or where a clash of cultures has upset the usual sales momentum.  “At Possible-Music, we are committed to supporting our customers and providing them with a response that is perfectly suited to their constraints, ambitions and resources.” 

Because it’s important that results be measured, measurable and not generate excess costs. That’s the crux of the method developed by Philippe Renan: to harness the musician’s boundless creativity and push back the confines of business. And it has certainly borne fruit, bringing exponential possibilities both in artistic creation and sales.